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    The stone grinding brush is a special tool for antique processing of shaped stone, and is made of stainless steel wire or special nylon wire containing silicon carbide. It has different thicknesses and specifications and is used in conjunction with hand grinders, grinding and polishing lines, floor refurbished machines and hand grinders.
    The brush used in the stone grinding brush evenly spreads the silicon carbide sand with sharp cutting edges. When the brush is under pressure and moves on the surface of the stone, the brush will bend randomly with the concave surface of the stone, using the sharp edge of the sand to the stone surface. Through all-round grinding and polishing, as the number of grinding balls increases, the volume of the sand gradually decreases, and the grinding marks are gradually reduced, until the maintaining surface of the brushed stone is uneven, and the satin mercerizing effect is exhibited. The stone grinding brush mainly has three shapes: Frankfurt type (horsehoe shape), φ110mm round, and Fickert type (brake type). Among them, the Frankfurt type is used for hand-held grinding machines, grinding and polishing production lines, ground refurbished machines, etc. The round type is for small manual polishing machines, floor ground refurbished machines, etc. The Fickert type is used for automatic continuous grinding machines.
    The stone grinding brush mainly uses the principle of brushing to make the surface of the stone appear like a natural wave surface or crack after weathering. At the same time, the surface reaches the satin and the antique distressed effect, like the appearance of more than a hundred year ago. Moreover, it improve the antifouling of the stone so waterproof performance and anti-slip effect are on the treated stone surface.
    Supply Ability:
    100000 Piece/ Month
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    Lead Time :15-25days
    Q1:Are you a factory or trading company of diamond abrasive brush?
    A1:We are factory.
    Q2: How is your quality of diamond abrasive brush?
    A2: We have a very seriously control system (ISO 9001 and SGS product quality control) and 100% QC inspection Before Shipment.
    Q3:What we should do if your products can not run well?
    A3:Please don’t worry we will solve this problem with yourside.
    Give us detailed report. Analyze the reason. Try to find a way to solve the problem.
    If it’s our problem and not possible to solve then will give replacement?
    Q4: Do you have different quality for different kind of stone?
    A4: Yes, according hardness of stone and stone’s feature, we have different typology respectively.
    Q5: If we need technical support, can you offer us?
    A5: Yes, we have an experienced team, offering our customers additional benefits with specific advice, by our product managerment staff, engineers and technicians.Abrasive Brush manufacturers