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    Products Description
    Galvalume sheet metal is the 55% galvanized and aluminum steel metal. It is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon solidified at 600 degree high temperature. Usually customers request anti finger print on the surface treatment.
    The characteristics of galvalume sheet metal
    1. Corrosion resistance: It can be used for many years and the corrosion resistance is 3 times of pure galvanized steel
    2. Surface looking: beautiful zinc flowers on the surface.
    3. Anti finger print treatment.
    Different from galvanized sheet
    The difference between the steel sheet and aluminium zinc plate mainly lies in the coating, the surface of the galvanized sheet evenly distributed with a layer of zinc materials, the anode protection effect to the parent metal, that is to say, zinc material the use of alternative corrosion protection of the parent metal, only finished when all zinc corrosion damage to the inside of the parent metal.
    Galvalume sheet metal the surface of the coating is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.5% of the zinc and small amounts of other elements, aluminum zinc plating coating under microscopic surface for honeycomb structure, composed of aluminum in the “honeycomb” containing zinc, in this case, aluminium zinc plating coating has anodic protection role, but on the other hand due to the shrinking of zinc content on the one hand, because of the zinc material by aluminum bag not the role of electrolysis anode protection so greatly reduced, so once the aluminium zinc plate is cut, the cut off the edge of the protection of basic loss was will soon be under the condition of corrosion, so the plating aluminium zinc plate should be cut less as far as possible, Once cut, apply anti-rust paint or zinc rich paint to protect the edge, so that the service life of the plate can be extended .

    Galvalume Sheet Metal in Thailand
    The official name of Thailand is Kingdom of Thailand. It is a constitutional monarchy country in Southeast Asia. Thailand is located in the middle of the Central South Peninsula, its west and the north is Myanmar and Andaman Sea border..The northeast is Laos and the southeast is Kampuchea.
    With free economic policy, Thailand’ economic has developed rapidly in 1990s, and became one of the “four small tigers in Asia”. It is famous for agricultural and travel. The automobile industry is the pillar industry. It is the Southeast Asian automobile manufacturing center and the largest automobile market in ASEAN
    The climate of Thailand belongs to the tropical monsoon climate. The whole year is divided into three seasons: heat, rain and drought. The annual average temperature is 24~30 degrees centigrade. The annual temperature is no less than 18 degrees, and the average annual precipitation is about 1000 millimeters.
    There are more than 30 ethnic groups in Thailand. The Thai nationality is the main ethnic group with 40% of total amount . Thailand people believe in Buddhism, Malay people believe in Islam, and a few people believe in Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism and Sikh religion.
    Foreign trade plays an important role in the national economy. The main products are mechanical and electrical products, industrial machinery, electronic products spare parts, auto parts and building materials. Building materials are mainly galvanized steel metal and galvalume sheet metal. The needful element in galvalume sheet metal is boron. If no boron, then big problem is clearing customs. The volume of container transportation accounts for 52% in Thailand. The main sea port of delivery galvalume sheet metal is Bangkok port. It just needs 10-15 days shipping time. The main sizes are 0.2 x 914 mm. 0.23 x 914 mm. 0.25 x 914 mm. 0.28 x 914 mm. 0.3 x 914 mm. 0.32 x 914 mm. Thailand people use galvalume sheet metal as the building materials.
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