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    KQD series controllable gas springs are widely used in various machines such as textile machines to realize automatic lifting, suspending and closing. The gas spring can maintain the self-vibration frequency under any load, can bear radial and axial loads at the same time, can also transmit a certain torque, and can obtain different bearing capacity by adjusting the internal pressure.

    Use characteristics
    1. Use the compressibility of the gas to generate cushioning and power, and use the life of the part such as increased comfort.
    2. Work in the process of the basic constant stroke terminal with a buffer mechanism to avoid damage to the components, the lifting member can be left in any position.
    3. Up and down movement is flexible, balanced and low noise.
    4. Use ambient temperature: ~ 50 degrees Celsius. Unable to analyze from -20°, no collision.

    Our service and advantage
    1/ We have many experience on OEM work.
    2/ We can customize special hardware as customer demand.
    3/ Technical service for assembling.
    4/ Variety types for selection, prompt deliver.
    5/ Different designs are available according to customer requests.Lockable Gas Spring manufacturers