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    Item No.: SilibaseAG-2848
    Photo Reference:
    Application: Organosilicone Super Spreader for Agricultural
    Chemical Name: Polyether-modified polysiloxane
    Active Content percent: 100%
    Typical Properties:
    鈼?Appearance: Clear, little yellow liquid
    鈼?Cloud Point (0.1 wt%) : 锛?0鈩?/p>
    鈼?Refractive index at 25鈩? 1.440-1.450
    鈼?Freezing point of Organosilicone Super Spreader:
    鈼?Viscosity at 25鈩?(77OF): 20-60cSt
    鈼?Surface tension (0.1% aq.): 20-22mN/m
    Applications: SilibaseAG-2848 Organosilicone Super Spreader is a type of low viscosity silicone polyether copolymer liquid used to enhance the performance of wetting, spreading and penetration of agricultural chemicals. SilibaseAG-2848 Organosilicone Super Spreader may be used as a formulation ingredient in water-soluble broadleaf herbicides and insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators, or as a tank-mix adjuvant for foliar-applied chemicals. SilibaseAG-2848 Organosilicone Super Spreader can add to the biological pesticide spray mixture liquid such as pesticide, bactericide, herbicide, foliar fertilizer, plant growth regulator, etc, especially applied for systemic pharmacy.
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