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    1. High precision, easy to operate, wide applicable range.
    2. It has functions of scanning, engraving, cutting and punching. It fits for handcraft making.
    3. The graphics and letters are clear and durable.
    4.Equip with imported dual linear guide,so machine can move stably and cut the adge smoothly.Adopt three-phase moter and driver,belt can move in fast cutting speed and high precision.
    Product feature
    1.the laser beam is more stable than the traditional one and the life time of the laser tube is over 100,000 hours.
    2. Advanced DSP control system, professional motion control chip, consecutive high speed curve cutting, the shortest path selection function and USB interface inprove the working efficiency a lot.
    3.Compared with the ordinary laser machine, the series adopt more scientific design and high strength steel frame structure which increase the fuselage strength more than 40% to prevent the machine from distortion after long term work.
    Machine pictures
    Laser typeClosed CO2 laser tube
    Laser power80W
    Carving area1300x900mm
    Engraving speed0 – 24,000mm/min
    Repeated positioning accuracy±0.05mm
    Voltage AC 110 – 220V±10%, 50 – 60Hz
    Total power<1,500W
    Working temperature0 – 45℃
    Working moisture5-95%
    Min engraving character1x1mm in English
    Graphic formatBMP, PLT, DST, DXF, AI
    Driving systemThree-phase stepper
    Table-boardtop and bottom (100mm)
    Cooling wayWater cooling and protective system
    Auxiliary equipmentExhaust fan and exhaust pipe
    Control softwareDSP
    Compatible softwareCorelDraw AutoCAD Photoshop
    Dimension1880x 1430 x 1070mm
    This CO2 laser engraving machine is constituted with laser technology, CNC technology and mechanical technology.
    CO2 laser engraving cutting machine is designed for nonmetal sheet cutting and applicable to processing rubber, acrylic,
    granite stone,paper cup, bottle caps,wood and stones. It has been widely used in plate processing, machinery manufacturing and precision processing,etc
    Our company
    Shandong Leize Intelligent Technology co., ltd is a new type science and technology company that concentrates on the application of laser. The company takes the extreme experience of customers and satisfaction of staff as development ideas; adhere to the software, hardware and internet three-dimension- in one whole as development thought, create continuing surmounting and sustainable innovation core competence.
    Our clients
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