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    Parameters of Compact design multi-circuit capsule slip ring:
    Mechanical :
    Working speed350rpm
    Operating temperature–40℃~ +100℃
    Contact materialGold to Gold
    BearingSteel ball bearing
    IP GradeIP 54
    Current2A or combined the rings to be higher current
    Dielectric strength≥100V@50Hz between each circuit
    Insulation resistance500MΩ@ 500VDC
    Electric noise≤7mΩ
    Lead wire size28AWG/30AWG, UL ,
    color Teflon, Silver or Tin Plated
    Lead wire length200mm
    A slip ring is an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure. A slip ring can be used in any electromechanical system that requires rotation while transmitting power or signals. Slip ring can improve mechanical performance, simplify system operation and eliminate damage-prone wires dangling from movable joints.
    Features of of Compact design multi-circuit capsule slip ring:
    l Low noise
    l Wear-resisting (gold contacting)
    l Good impact resistance
    l Signal and current compatible
    l Workable in hostile environment(-40℃~ +100℃)
    l Compact design
    Alternatives of of Compact design multi-circuit capsule slip ring:
    l Circuits
    l Loading of each circuit
    l Wire length
    l Working speed
    l Working temperature
    l Housing material (metal or plastic)
    Typical Applications of Compact design multi-circuit capsule slip ring:
    l CCTV Camera
    l Robotic
    l Medical equipment
    l Exhibition equipment
    l Total station
    l Test equipment
    l Revolve door
    Advantages of slip ring manufacturer—ByTune:
    l Affordable price
    l Quality guaranteed
    l Military standard
    l Response within 24 hours
    l Prompt delivery
    l Reliable package & shipment
    l Flexible & quick customization
    Measurement and Test:

    3D Test Concentricity Test

    Electric noise Test Projecto

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