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    It is mainly applied to all kinds of harvester, the surface treatment are electrophoresis, spraying plating, zinc-plating.
    Spring parameters
    The spring wire diameter D: the diameter of the steel wire spring production.
    The outside diameter of the spring D2: the maximum diameter of the spring.
    The spring diameter D1: minimum diameter of the spring.
    The spring in diameter D: average diameter of spring. The calculation formulae are as follows: D= (D2+D1), 2=D1+d=D2d
    The pitch of T: in addition to the support ring, the corresponding point in the spring of two adjacent circle diameter of the axial distance as pitch, denoted by T.
    No effective coil number n: spring can keep the same pitch circle number.
    Is the support ring number N2: in order to make the spring in the work force uniform, which is vertical to the axis end, when manufacturing, often on both ends of the spring and tight. And the number of tight ring only support, known as the support ring. Generally have 1.5D, 2D, 2.5D, commonly used is 2D.
    The total number of n1: ring, the effective coil number and the support ring and. Namely n1=n+n2.
    Free, high H0: spring without force height. Calculated by the formula: H0=nt+ (n2-0.5) d=nt+1.5d (n2=2)
    We will expand the length of L spring: spring winding the wire length. L = N1 (C. D2) 2+n2 (L= D2 n+ spring) successfully developed length of hook (spring)
    Just spiral direction: a right or left-hand, right-hand common, generally not indicated by the right hand drawings.
    The spring winding ratio: diameter of D and the ratio of wire diameter D.low price Agricultural machinery fittings spring