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    Perfect function
    * The breaking capacity covers the common breaking in Level II power distribution areas and electromechanical market: 25kV, 36kV and 50kV. Including 1P, 2P, 3P and 4P products.
    * Comprehensive range of protection, including low voltage distribution systems protection, motor protection and earth leakage protection.

    Working environment :
    ♦ The altitude bellows 2,000m;
    ♦ Circuit breaker may be used between -25℃ and +70℃. For temperatures higher than 40℃(65℃ for circuit breakers used to protect motor feeders), devices must be derated;
    ♦ It can withstand the impact from humid air, salt spray, oil mist and mold;
    ♦ It should be installed in places with no danger of explosion, no conductive dust, and no substance enough to corrode metal or damage the insulation;
    ♦ In places with no rain and snow erosion;
    ♦ Pollution degree 3;
    ♦ Installation category III.China Circuit Breaker