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    Our History
    1.In 2003 Reborn was founded.
    2.In 2011 Reborn invented the first high speed hot stamping and die cutting machine, the speed was up to 50 m/min.
    3.In 2015 Reborn developed the second high speed hot stamping and die cutting machine, the speed is up to 75 m/min.
    4.In 2016 Eagle Reborn (Trading company) was registered, which was changed name into Shenzhen Reborn Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd, starting to develop digital plotter cutting machine.
    5.2018.12 The digital plotter cutting machine (non-laser) was developed successfully.
    Our Factory
    Our Product
    High speed die cutting machine, High speed hot stamping machine, Digital plotter cutting machine (non-laser)锛孒igh speed sheeter, Lamination machine.
    Product Application
    Die cutting machine is mainly used for die cutting (full-cut, half cut), hot stamping, embossing, laminating, slitting, sheeting for the materials of self-adhesive label, paper, EVA, double-sided adhesive, PET and so on.
    Our Certificate
    Production Market
    Reborn has been selling high speed flat-bed hot stamping and die cutting machines since 2003, and has installed more than 2,600 sets around the world currently.
    Our Service
    Reborn always offers high quality machines to our customers with our good after-sales service and long life usage worldwide. Our goal is that you can run your booming business in the world.China Digital Varnish Die Cut Machine factory