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    1、 Mobile steam generator
    2、 Product Description
    Mobile steam generator.The vapor pressure of the device is 20MPa, the amount of steam to 2160m³ / h. Mainly used for underground work and workover Hotels thaw and heavy jacket, cleaning tanks, tubing and pipelines in scaling, sleeve or diluted with ground pipeline equipment and steam for field operations; also be used as a heat source activity, widely used for cleaning all kinds of dirt equipment.
    This equipment steam displacement 21600L / h, can be converted to hot water, half steam, pure steam wells wax, wash well and other operations.
    3、Technical Parameters
    Enterprise implementation standardsQ/DQ GKA0001-2016-2016Operating voltage (V)220、380、660、1140
    Working environment temperature (°C)-40~+80Working pressure (bar)50
    Maximum displacement of equipment (L/h)5000Heat exchanger temperature (°C)300
    Pump operating temperature (°C)≤80Thermal power (kw)1300
    Applicable temperature (°C)-50~60Electric power (kw)15
    Outlet temperature (°C)≤180(0~180Adjustable)Inverter power (kw)7.5
    Three cylinder plunger pump pressure (bar)50generator18KW
    Maximum displacement of three-cylinder piston pump (L/h)5000Instrument power (kw)0.1
    Steam Pressure (MPA)1.5Fuel tank (L)500
    Steam displacement (m3/h)2160Water tank (L)4000
    Steam temperature (°C)≤180(100~180Adjustable)
    Loading weight (kg)7000Service quality (kg)7800
    Wheelbase (mm)2500Approach, departure angle (°)16/13
    4、Product details
    5、Production process

    Customized Oil Well Cleaning Truck