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    Isostatic pressing sintered metal porous material is by cold isostatic pressing after metal powder sintering process for preparing porous materials, has good permeability, density and uniform pore distribution, high temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance, renewable, can be prepared with complex shape products, you can use a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, FeAl, high temperature alloy, widely used in gas, liquid purification, gas-liquid separation, gas damping, air distribution and many other fields. The main characteristics of the pore size and porosity, permeability and controllable preparation of products with complex shapes, high strength, good integrity, can be in a relatively stable working under high pressure differential, a wide range of material purification, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, good stability and application of components of gas and liquid filtration, solid catalyst, oil recovery pulp and other petrochemical products filtration and high temperature gas and flue gas purification and filtration, coal chemical fluidization system, aeration, and delivery of food, medicine, environmental protection and other industrial fields.Porous Metal Filters