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    It is not only a necessary nutrient element for plants, but also participates in the activities of various enzyme systems in plants, such as increasing carbohydrate content, promoting flowering and fruiting, promoting cellulose synthesis, improving crop resistance to diseases and pests, and drought resistance.
    1. It plays an irreplaceable role in improving photosynthesis and the transformation of various inorganic elements into organic elements.
    Magnesium humate solution can be used for drip irrigation, foliar spraying, soilless culture, seed dipping in root and so on.
    1. Humic acid content, the standard stipulates that the method containing humic acid ≥ 50g/L adopts the classical redox method,
    2. The content of magnesium oxide, this standard stipulates that the content of various functional elements is magnesium oxide ≥ 20g ≤ L, and the detection method is classical complexometric titration. the determination of the above content is based on the experimental effect of fertilizer.
    3.PH value.
    This standard stipulates that the PH value of the product is between 3 and 9 after 1 ≤ 250 times dilution, which is not only beneficial to the chemical stability of the product, but also beneficial to the absorption of crops.
    4. Water insoluble content.
    This product specifies that the content of water insoluble matter ≤ 50 g / L, this data refers to the corresponding national and industry standards.
    The application prospect of magnesium humate: magnesium humate has a good effect on increasing crop yield and income, improving quality, reducing diseases and insect pests, increasing fertilizer utilization rate, reducing pollution and improving soil, which accords with the development direction of green pollution-free agriculture.
    It has good social and economic benefits and broad prospects.
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