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    DC grounding fault pin pointer
    The DC system ground fault locator, is used for power station and transformer substation DC power system ground fault locating and pinpointing.
    It adopts isolate programmable constant flow source to insert small current single to find the faulty point quickly, accurately and safely.
    The waveform analysis method real-time calculate and display the resistive current value, the current direction and check the ground current waveform directly.
    Device effectively get rid of the system distributed capacitance interference and solve the locating of
    ● high resistance ground
    ● low resistance ground
    ● AC in DC ground
    ● instant ground
    ● impulse interference
    ● loop ground
    ● single-point, multiple point ground and so on
    ● Adopt for DC voltage level 220V、110V、48V、24V。
    ● Power supply of signal transmitter: DC screen supply(220C,110V)
    ● Or AC 200V.If use this method, the signal transmitter will cut the DC power supply circuit, and priority of use the AC power supply.
    ● Locator power: built-in Lithium battery, continue working for 20 hours. Charging for 8~10 hours.
    ● Clamp power: 2x AA Alkaline dry battery. Continue working for 10~20 hours
    ● Anti distributed capacitance to ground value: branch ≤22μF, system total capacitance to ground ≤150μF
    ● Transmit frequency: 2Hz,1Hz,0.5Hz,0.2Hz,0.1Hz
    ● Transmitting frequency: 2Hz、1Hz、0.5Hz、0.2Hz、0.1Hz
    ● Input system signal current effective value ≤5mA,open circuit output voltage peak value ≤35V
    ● Range of the ground resistance of signal transmitter online running (and not include the balance resistance):
    * System voltage +220V, 0-200 KΩ
    * System voltage+110V,0-100KΩ
    * System voltage+48V,0-40KΩ
    * System voltage+24V,0-20KΩ
    ● Clamp dynamic range: clamp double root value (clamp the positive and negative bus-bar) range: 0~100A (load);clamp single root value: -5A~+5A
    ● Power consumption: transmitter <2W, locator <0.5W
    ● Use environment : tem.+-40℃, humidity 10~90% RH, elevation<4500m
    ● Signal transmitter 195mm×112mm×65mm,0.8kg
    180mm×60mm×35mm,0.21kgChina DC Fault Locator